How heavy is your glass of water?

26 Oct 2022 By Admin

Have you ever thought about why mentally you feel overwhelmed? Why the weight of everyday life can feel so heavy? Why although we wake up feeling rejuvenated, conquering the repetitive cycle of our thoughts and decision making can weigh us down?

I often wonder why I’m always fatigued. Why even on my most relaxing days I crave to stay in bed because my energy is on zero.
One day I thought long and hard on how to put my feelings into a perspective that I could best understand. I decided to pour myself a tall refreshing glass of water and after taking the first sip here’s what I came up with……..

I thought about the weight of holding on to that glass of water. “Pretty light” I thought. As I paced the floor back and forth while gripping the glass I noticed my arm becoming a bit heavier. I kept pacing and I kept thinking. As I pondered reasons of feeling drained, some making sense and some senseless thirty minutes had passed. I was still holding onto that same glass of water. Mindfulness took flight and almost immediately I was conscious of the uncomfortable and somewhat achy feeling my arm had from still holding onto this glass that a short time ago didn’t feel as heavy.

I realized in that moment that if I held onto that glass of water all day long I would eventually feel pain, frustration, irritation and even numbness.
The realization between holding onto the glass of water and holding onto everyday stressors all day long became parallel.

In conclusion,
Although the way everyday problems, worries and challenges show up in life don’t change, it’s the amount of time you hold onto them that makes it heavy.

The point is……remember to put the glass down!!

P.S. 5 minutes of daily meditation helps to improve both strength and balance. Laughter is the best medicine so crack a joke or watch a funny movie. Lastly focus on things you’re grateful for that are right in front of you. It can help shift your perception!


Written by: A diaries Perspective