Care Giving

Hourly Caregiving Services in Philadelphia, Allentown, & Reading, PA

Caregiving services enable seniors and other individuals with special needs to live independently in the familiar setting of their homes. Serving the Greater Philadelphia, PA, Affordable Home Care offers support with daily tasks when you or a loved one needs it through our hourly caregiving services and other in-home care services. Discover more about our offerings and how our dedicated team makes you feel at home in our care.

About Our Hourly Caregiving Services

Caregiving is designed to help meet the daily needs of individuals who are no longer able to care for themselves efficiently or safely. At Affordable Home Care, our hourly caregiving services are intended to assist individuals during times when they need help the most.

Hourly care is available around the clock, so patients can receive support all day with various tasks. Hourly caregiving services are best suited for individuals who have another caregiver, such as a family member, who cares for them most of the time. The hourly care gives these caregivers respite time to attend to other obligations. It also helps older adults who can still live independently but may require some assistance at certain times.

Our hourly caregiving services entail all aspects of at-home living, allowing seniors to conveniently age in place. Affordable Home Care’s hourly in-home care services include the following:

Companionship Services

Aging in place often involves aging alone. Seclusion may be nice for peace and quiet but over time it can negatively affect the overall well-being of seniors. Our companionship services cater to the need for quality human interaction and can involve patients and caregivers playing games, crafting, reading, and engaging in extracurricular activities or hobbies together. With an emphasis on building meaningful relationships, our companionship services help to diminish feelings of loneliness.

General Assistance

As we age, even the most mundane tasks can become challenging. These routine tasks can be dangerous to perform alone, depending on an aging individual’s condition. Our hourly caregiving services involve general assistance with everyday tasks, including help with mobility, personal hygiene care, grocery shopping, and other chores and errands. Our hourly caregiving services can be customized to support you in areas of your life that are most necessary.

Housekeeping Services

Aging in place requires a well-kept at-home environment. This is important to ensure the safety of individuals who choose to remain in the comfort of their homes. Our caregivers who provide hourly caregiving services can assist with housekeeping services, organizing your home and general home upkeep to address your health and safety. We are happy to handle intensive home chores, as well as simple ones.

Medication Management

Prescribed medications must be taken as directed to be effective. As a part of our hourly caregiving services, we offer assistance with medication management, helping patients read their prescriptions and reminding them to take them on time. Furthermore, our caregivers provide reminders for meals, appointments, and other obligations.

The Affordable Home Care Difference

At Affordable Home Care, we provide our patients with the most dependable, trustworthy, and personalized care. Trained to emphasize our patients' needs and their families’ concerns, our caregivers provide five-star accredited companion care centered around you or your loved one.

To ensure the hourly caregiving services we provide are tailored to meet your specific needs, we begin with an assessment. During this time, one of our professionals will discuss with you your current condition and daily lifestyle to get a better understanding of the care you require. With this information, we begin creating a personalized care plan unique to you. Families and patients can meet with our caregivers to ensure everyone feels comfortable moving forward.

Affordable Home Care believes establishing and nurturing strong and lasting relationships with patients, caregivers, and family members is essential. As a locally operated and family-owned in-home care provider, we create a family environment with all our services. Our team strives to prove to patients, caregivers, and family members that they made the right choice when they chose Affordable Home Care.

Get Started Today With Affordable Home Care

As more aging individuals choose to remain in their homes, the need for dependable and quality in-home care increases. Affordable Home Care is pleased to offer residents in Philadelphia, Allentown, and Reading, PA, hourly caregiving services to allow them to continue living independently. Our services offer patients and their families peace of mind that they are receiving proper care. In addition, our at-home care services provide relief for family members who have taken on the role of caring for their loved ones.

For more information regarding our hourly caregiving services or to schedule an appointment with one of our assessment professionals, contact us today at Affordable Home Care. It's not just about home care, it's about making you feel at home in our care.