The Ghost of Christmas Past, Present and the Future

05 Dec 2022 By Admin

PAST: (Represents Memories)

Many many years ago, (lol) as a child Christmas was perfect!! All the days in December leading up to the 25th day was nothing short of amazing. Neighborhoods East to West and North to South flickered and shined brightly!! I remember those nights my family and I piled in the car to go sightseeing and it felt like I was riding and watching stars right in front of my eyes. I remembered my siblings and I all imagined being some place magical. I can remember going into the stores with mom and walking into the feeling of comfort from the smell of apples and cinnamon and pine from all the candles that lined the display tables, the Christmas carols playing over the loud speaker. A warm welcome of “Tis the Season or a Ho Ho Ho from strangers. Kids being full of laughter while playing and throwing snowballs, making snowmen and their best snow angels. Hot chocolate with marshmallows while wrapping presents or hanging stockings. My family gathering in the living room to watch the best Christmas movies like; “Scrooge or it twas the night before Christmas”, or baking cookies and warming milk to leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve. It all seems just like yesterday when I think back to the good ole days. My past!!!

Present: (Represents the Transformation of Christmas)

Now, in the present…… My, how things have changed drastically! I can only imagine what has happened. The world, everything and everyone in it has changed. Generosity, goodwill, prosperity and the meaning of celebration are vague. Peace on earth has become obsolete. The price of surviving has sky rocketed and nearly everything is unaffordable. This challenge brings a burden to purchase decorations for the house and the tree, buy gifts for family and friends and purchase food for the grand feast we all love to cook, bless and eat that brings us all together at the dining room table. We may not have the money to buy material things that we believe make Christmas shine on the outside, but it’s the love, friendship and laughter with friends and family that shines from the inside out. All of the tributes to Christmas do not have to be just wishful thinking. Because of so much happening in the world today many have lost the Christmas spirit. With the days passing by quickly, there is never enough time to do or say all the things that we would wish. So the thing to try is to do as much as we can with the time that we have. Forget about the disagreements, misunderstandings, fallen and failed relationships! Time is of essence and life is short. Make memories and make them count!!

Future: (Represents the Fear of Dying Traditions)

SILENCE!! There is a reckoning among us that awaits if we don’t hurriedly change. For this we need not speak but readily take action! Reflect!! Be willing!! When or what was your last memories around the holidays? In your moment of silence, foresee the possible future and the consequences our present will bring us in the future. Reminisce back…..what do you remember most about the holidays growing up? Seek wisdom and thoughtfulness. Breathe kindness, be undoubtedly polite and protrude in being helpful. In return there will be the light! A bright light shining on the outside just like we used to remember!


In Closing:

This story was told to remind us that family is what’s most important. It also symbolizes lasting peace in replacement of uncertainty and fear. Christmas should be a celebration, a time of giving but not simply gifts. Togetherness is a thought to which you think about others, a selfless time where we may forgive and become better versions of ourselves.