Love is in the air!

07 Feb 2023 By Admin

February has many dedications, but one significantly aimed towards is Valentine’s Day.
A day of recognition to those sweethearts, boos, babes, hunnies and let’s not forget ourselves in the matter.
Although every day is a great day to spread the love 
?? having it be a National holiday brings out the joy in everyone at the same time fostering love in the air. All the ?? being given or delivered, smiles ??  people’s faces screaming happiness and gratitude. The smell of sweet chocolate’s being eaten in abundance and all the kisses and hugs that follow. The secret and spontaneous handwritten notes asking “be my Valentine “, couples planning the best day or evening out or home alone.

It’s a day to recharge your mind, body, heart, and soul by spreading love genuinely with a special gesture, gifts??, poem or card saying exactly how you cherish moments. No matter the size big or small, simple acts go a long way and are perfect in showing one you care.
Remembering to treat yourself well in the process is just as important. Self-love ?? need be intentional! Actively taking time to focus on you by leaving inspirational notes for yourself by the coffee pot, stopping into the grocery store to treat yourself to a bouquet of flowers??. Cook your favorite meal and wear your favorite outfit or pj’s.

Actively taking time to be your best self allows you the freedom of focusing on family and friends compassionately and show live to others in a better way.

Loved ones and life are precious, so you don’t have to wait until the 14th of the month to say and do things out loud.

Start today…… if no one has told you you’re special, AHC believes you are!!