If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands…

11 Nov 2022 By Admin

If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands…

It seems that people’s happiness depends on what’s going on in our lives at the moment. If we’ve slept well the evening before and awoke feeling energized, most likely were happy or in a good mood. If traffic was light and flowing and we made it to work on time every day this week…hmmmm we’re probably happy. If we got a compliment on our outfit, or hair and makeup, or found money balled up in the bottom of our purse…at that moment we feel a sense of happiness. If we got a raise on the job or found the best items on sale while shopping, in those moments we’re extremely happy!

But what happens when you didn’t get any sleep at all? What happens when it’s raining cats and dogs and your umbrella keeps flipping inside out due to the high winds. What happens when we look ourselves in the mirror and our makeup does not pose a beautiful person looking back at us? What happens when traffic is backed up due to an accident or when instead of finding money we lose some of our own? Does our happiness then miraculously disappear? Just thinking about how quickly my joy could be stolen by a frivolous moment in time makes me uneasy.

Here’s a look at happiness on different levels:

  1. Laetus – Sensual Gratification – This happiness is very intense but very short-lived. This happiness is shallow. A new car, a nice meal or your best holiday puts limits or levels on happiness. A day, a week or a month later you will not have the same exact feelings you’ve had during the time of the experience.
  2. Felix – ego gratification – compared happiness of being better or more admired. For example winning at sports or getting a promotion. Everyone loves a bit of admiration. For some it’s everything and for others a very minor but also short lived pleasure.
  3. Beatitudo – happiness from doing well for others, helping to make the world a better place. This happiness is based on human desire for connection, goodness, meaning, compassion, friendship and unity. Love!!
  4. Sublime Beatitudo – Ultimate, perfect happiness. In search of fullness or perfection and finding the right balance. The hardest of all to achieve!

When I think about myself, I can agree that I have experienced all levels of happiness and honestly admit that level 4 has been the hardest to achieve. Naturally, I am always trying to outdo myself by dreaming big and working hard.

Focusing solely on level 1 can be great for that daily instant gratification that life can provide. Be careful focusing on level 2 for jealousy and cynicism may creep in. Level 3 is good for the spirit, long-lasting and meaningful, however it also shows disappointment, and the risk to be hurt is a part of life. Lastly, level 4 there’s no definitive or universal answer. Some fill this desire through spirituality, art connecting personal endeavors. However, if we mix all 4 together we should have a balanced happily ever after.

On this day, after writing this I will choose to clap my hands daily because I’m happy and I know it!

If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands!! (Clap, Clap)