What Is Companion Care?

23 Feb 2023 By Admin

Let’s face it, it is common for people to experience loneliness as they get older. Once they no longer go to work and family members grow up and are busy with their own lives, seniors tend to spend more time alone. Especially if a spouse has already passed away, time alone can be difficult. If you have a loved one you are worried about, senior companion care is a great solution. 


At Affordable Home Care, our companionship services provide everything from friendly conversations to housekeeping assistance. Day-to-day tasks become increasingly more challenging and dangerous with age. Our caregivers are focused on the safety and well-being of seniors so that they can get the most out of their life and maintain their routines while we assist. No matter what your loved one needs, we customize our companionship services to meet each family’s requirements. From 24/7 assistance to a few hours a day, our services can significantly improve the quality of life for your loved one. Some of our companionship services include: 


  • Companionship and conversation
  • Help with hobbies
  • Crafting, reading, and playing games
  • Gardening
  • General shopping and errands
  • Transportation and appointments
  • Assistance with pet care
  • Reminder services (medications, dates, routines, etc.)
  • Meal preparation
  • Light housekeeping
  • Running errands (prescription pick-up, dry cleaning, etc.)
  • Grocery shopping

Benefits of Companionship 

There are many advantages to bringing in professional senior companion care. It is an affordable way to improve the life of your loved one. Besides being a great way to help with loneliness, there are many other benefits to companionship including the following: 


Help With Everyday Activities 

Seemingly routine tasks can become increasingly difficult with age. Our caregivers assist with personal care tasks such as bathing, cooking/eating, getting dressed, and other day-to-day activities. These services are especially useful for individuals with physical limitations or mobility issues.



As we get older, friends and family become more occupied with their own lives, and older adults do not have as much emotional support and social interaction. Caregivers are there to provide friendship and somebody to talk to so your loved one never feels lonely. 



Millions of adults over the age of 65 experience falls every year. If your loved one lives alone and falls, it could be hours or even days before somebody helps them up. A simple fall can lead to severe injury or even death if somebody is not around for immediate care. Companionship care ensures that your loved one is safe and protected, and if an accident does occur, they are never alone for too long. 


Peace of Mind

Taking care of an aging family member can feel like a full-time job. We understand the difficulty of trying to balance living your own life with the guilty feeling of leaving a loved one alone. Companionship care helps take the stress and commitment from you and provides peace of mind that your family member is safe and not alone. 


Companionship Care Services from Affordable Home Care

Affordable Home Care is committed to providing companion care that is dependable, trustworthy, and personalized to each patient and their family. We provide constant communication and keep you informed every step of the way. Our caregivers work with families across the Philadelphia, Lehigh, and Berks County areas and deliver 5-star accredited companion care to your loved ones. If you have an aging family member who could benefit from our companionship services, contact us to learn more about how we can help.