Things To Do Before Hiring a Home Care Agency

20 Dec 2022 By Admin

You or somebody in your family has decided that it is time for a loved one to get the additional help of an in-home caregiver. Coming to this decision was likely challenging, but it is just the first step in ensuring your loved one receives the proper care they need. We know you are already worried about your family member enough, without worrying about the credibility of the person taking care of them. Our experts at Affordable Home Care want to ensure that you and your family get the home care assistance that works best for you and help you make an informed decision. Below we highlight several things you can do before hiring a home care agency. 

Talk with Family Members
The first thing you should do is make sure to talk to your entire family. While you might be the well-intentioned person spearheading this process, it is a lot of responsibility to carry yourself. Make sure that the rest of your family is informed and able to give their opinions and suggestions to help you with choosing the best in-home assisted living situation for your family. 

Make a Budget
Getting your loved one the proper care they need can be expensive. It is crucial to set a clear budget so you can hire a caretaker and cover the services needed that fit your financial means, and are not overwhelmed later on. Figure out what can be covered from your loved one's savings, and what you and other family members are willing to contribute to help cover costs.

Once you figure out what your and your family can contribute, look into Medicare, Medicaid, and other insurance. Your loved one could be eligible for full or partial financial assistance. Most states also offer programs for low-income seniors to help cover in-home assisted living costs.

Assess Needs
Every elderly person has different needs based on their health and well-being that could drastically impact the type of care they need and the cost of services. It is important to figure out exactly what is needed and even consult a physician to ensure you receive the proper care for your loved one.

  • Do they need a companion, somebody to do light housework, transportation, running errands, and just make sure they are okay?
  • Do they need somebody who can manage and administer medications, change dressings, and do cooking and housekeeping?
  • Do they need a caregiver qualified to handle medical emergencies, provide physical or speech therapy, or specific medical treatment for a disease or condition?

All of these can impact the cost of the in-home caregiver as well as the qualifications required so it is vital to establish the needs of your loved one beforehand. 

Create a Job Description
Once you have identified the exact level of care your loved one needs, you can create a clear and detailed job description. This should work both ways. You want a clear job description to help you know what to look for in a candidate during the interview process and to ensure you are getting the most qualified candidates for your family's needs and budgets.

You also want to give potential candidates a complete description of what will be expected of them, from the hours to the services provided, so they can understand what to anticipate before applying.

Have Interviews and Trial Periods
Make sure to interview plenty of candidates to ensure you find the best fit for your family. You not only want to screen potential caregivers, so they fully meet the basic needs and requirements of the position, but you also want to ensure that the person in need of care is involved to guarantee it is a good fit personality-wise. 

Check with References 
Even if the person makes a great impression on you and your loved one during the interview process, it is always essential to do a background check and review their references. Check for a criminal record and make sure to talk to former or current clients that can attest to their experience and if they would recommend the candidate for the job.

Make a Clear Care Plan
Finally, once you have selected the in-home caregiver that fits best with your family, map out a clear care plan to ensure that your loved one, the caregiver, and your entire family are all on the same page. Understand that this plan might need to be adjusted or changed as time goes on, depending on health and other situations that may arise.

Have a backup plan in place for situations where the caregiver is unable to work due to personal reasons, illness, or emergencies. Predetermining who lives nearby and is available to step in and help when needed can help alleviate any last-minute panic or stress and ensure your loved one is always properly cared for.

Find the home care assistance that best fits your family's needs by contacting Affordable Home Care or visiting to learn more about our certified aids and all the ways we can offer professional, compassionate, and dependable in-home assisted living services.