How to Switch Home Care Agencies

27 Jun 2022 By Admin

Choosing the right home care agency is a significant decision. Not only do you need to consider the quality of care your loved one receives, but you also need to look at the compatibility between them and their caregiver. Even after you choose the perfect provider, there is always an adjustment period with personalities and new routines. After several visits, if you find that the assigned caregiver isn’t compatible with your loved one, you can always contact the caregiver agency and request a more suitable match. However, in some cases, the agency as a whole is the issue, and it’s time to consider switching home care agencies. 

Whether you’re a caregiver or a client ready to switch to a new home care agency, you might find yourself in a sometimes uncomfortable situation that countless others have experienced when seeking a compassionate and attentive caregiver agency. You’re not alone! Below we highlight the necessary steps to take when a caregiver or client is ready to transition to a new home care agency stress- and hassle-free.  

Finding the Perfect Caregiver Agency 

There are several reasons someone might want to switch home care agencies. The main reasons people make the switch include they are unhappy with their current service or a different agency is presenting better offerings than their current home care provider. Other common reasons for switching home care agencies include:

  • Staffing issues 
  • Inadequate training and support
  • Operational and quality concerns
  • Low pay

Finding the right caregiver agency takes time, adjustment, and patience. Remember why you are making the switch; to find a provider that offers quality care to people who need it. If you’re ready to navigate a transition, you can follow the process below.

Find a new home care agency.

If you are switching to a new agency, you’ve gone through this process before, so you already understand the basics. It’s essential to prioritize what feels right for you or your loved one. During your home care agency evaluation, you can ask questions like:

  • What is missing from my current home care services provider? 
  • What made you or your loved one uncomfortable with your previous provider? 
  • Do the caregivers feel supported with training? 
  • Does the agency use words like “compassionate”, “caring”, or “relationships”?
  • What would you change about your previous caregiver agency? 
  • Are there open lines of communication at the agency?
  • Does the agency have a positive attitude? 
  • And most importantly, does it feel right?

Once you have identified what was lacking from your previous agency, you can begin to interview new companies. Once you find a new home care agency that provides for all your wants and needs, it’s time to transition. 

Make a smooth transition.

To ensure a seamless transition, you should contact your designated service coordinator to help facilitate the process and oversee agency changes. They will confirm the change happens smoothly and there is no lapse in caregiving services. You should also be prepared to answer questions such as:

  • Did you sign a contract or agreement?
  • Are you required to give notice?
  • If so, how much time should you provide?
  • Will there be exit fees?
  • Will the switch affect insurance? 

Fill out appropriate forms and contracts.

In Pennsylvania, each health plan will have a form that will need to be reviewed and signed, authorizing the switch in caregiver agencies. Familiarize yourself with the new contract, and it’s always a good idea to personally check with each agency to ensure they have everything they need for a smooth transition. 

Work with the new agency. 

Whether you’re making the switch as a caregiver or client, remember that the transition is in the best interest of you and your loved one. It’s always best to begin a new relationship with open lines of communication and express what you or your loved one needs to thrive. You should never feel uncomfortable or uneasy about your decision. Now you can move forward and begin this new journey ensuring the best quality care and compassion are given to your loved one!  

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