How At-Home Assistance Can Benefit You

04 Oct 2022 By Admin

How At-Home Assistance Can Benefit You

Researching care options for an elderly loved one can be overwhelming; there are so many options to choose from, and it might be challenging to decide what’s best for your family. A poll by the American Association of Retired Persons found that over 75% of participants 50 years and older prefer to stay in their current homes for the long term. Choosing in-home care over moving to a residential care facility allows your loved one to remain in their familiar environment and continue living as they’re accustomed to. Below we highlight the benefits of at-home assistance


The Benefits of Top-Rated Home Assistance Services

At-home assistance gives families confidence and peace knowing their loved ones are comfortable aging in place and receiving compassionate, professional, and personalized care. When you partner with Affordable Home Care, you receive several benefits, including:



The primary benefit of at-home assistance is your loved one can stay in an environment that is most comfortable and familiar to them—their home. Everyday routines aren’t disrupted, and if your loved one suffers from a progressive condition like dementia, staying in familiar surroundings can be comforting and beneficial to their situation. 


Personalized Care

When moving an aging loved one to a residential nursing home, they will have to adjust to unfamiliar schedules and routines with a new group of people. When you choose in-home care, a caregiver works with you and your loved one to create a highly individualized and personal care plan unique to your loved one's needs. Whether that need is as simple as company or conversation a few days a week to something more complex, home care is flexible and can adapt to each person.  


Family Involvement

Unlike at a residential institution, home care allows family members to be more involved in the care plans. Families who stay more engaged tend to maintain closeness and have a direct line of communication with the caregiver. 


Individual Attention

Whereas caregivers at a nursing home or residential facility take care of multiple patients, at-home assistance provides your loved one with one-on-one attention. Because a home caregiver usually cares for one patient, their needs are met much faster than in a facility. At Affordable Home Care, we provide top-rated home assistance services with one goal—promoting the highest level of comfort, independence, and recovery. Our caregivers ensure that your loved one receives the attention and care they deserve so they always feel safe and comfortable. 


Cost Effective

Home care is usually more cost-effective than a nursery home, as caregivers' rates are charged by the hour. For individuals who only need care part-time, rates are significantly lower than a nursing facility, which costs upwards of $9,000 a month.



Many individuals are worried about losing their independence as they age. When you work with an in-home caregiver, your loved one gets to keep control over their life. They continue living by their regular schedule, choosing when they will eat, sleep, and socialize.


At Home Assistance Services Near Me

At Affordable Home Care, we provide a level of care that meets and exceeds the healthcare industry's highest standards. Our team is dedicated to supporting you and your family’s needs when it comes time to help aging individuals enjoy life in the comfort of their homes. If you’ve been searching for reliable at-home assistance services near me, look no further than Affordable Home Care! Contact us at 215-372-0100 for more information.