5 Ways Companionship Benefits Your Health

25 Aug 2022 By Admin

5 Ways Companionship Benefits Your Health

Aging is often associated with several health complications, from heart conditions to arthritis. While there are many precautions that you and your elderly loved one can take to prevent these ailments, there is one health risk that is harder to protect from, and it’s loneliness. Over time, some older adults become less socially and physically active due to illness, injury, or something else entirely. These feelings of loneliness and isolation can impact memory, physical wellbeing, mental health, and life expectancy. Fortunately, companionship care is a worthwhile option for those who feel isolated or lonely. Below we highlight the benefits of companionship care and how to find the best companionship services near me. 


What Is Companion Care?

Companionship is more than just someone to talk to; it can also provide emotional and mental support for seniors. At Affordable Home Care, our caregivers work to make life more manageable with services like transportation, grocery shopping, light housekeeping, medication reminders, and so much more. From improving older adults' health to making them feel happier, having someone there to provide personal care services has several advantages for your loved one. 


The Benefits of Local Top-Rated Companion Services by Affordable Home Care

There are many ways companion care can help older adults live healthier lives, and it can also help diminish feelings of loneliness, depression, and isolation. With the support of a regular caregiver, your loved one can enjoy:



Strong bonds not only make for a better emotional connection, but you can also gain several health benefits. A 2017 study found that bonds between companions have an even greater impact on health and wellbeing than the bond between family members. Additionally, some studies suggest the positive effect of friendship was comparable to the result of exercising! Research has also shown that friendship can lower blood pressure, fight inflammation, and lower the risk of dementia. 


Lower Rates of Stress and Anxiety

Providing strong social connections for your loved one through a caregiver can help relieve stress and anxiety and lower the risk of depression. Lower stress levels increase happiness, resulting in a positive impact on their health. Reducing the feelings of stress and anxiety in older adults improves their heart health and immune system. 



Whether your loved one needs help with medication reminders or doctor visits, a dedicated caregiver can help. Affordable Home Care is a local top-rated companion service that can escort older adults to medical appointments, help them with meal time, and remind them to take their medications. You will never have to worry about your loved one skipping a meal or missing a dose of medicine. 


Keep Blood Pressure Down

Because companionship relieves stress and anxiety, it can also keep your heart healthy and blood pressure down. Older adults who form strong connections with a companion or caregiver can keep their blood pressure in a healthy range and reduce their overall disease risk.


Lower Risk of Dementia

Extensive research has been done on lowering the risk of dementia, and studies have found a connection between loneliness and Alzheimer's disease. These cases have found that lonely people are twice as likely to develop Alzheimer's or a form of dementia. When you rely on the services provided by Affordable Home Care, you can rest assured that our caregivers will play games, do crafts, read books, and engage in conversation with your loved ones to prevent feelings of loneliness. 


Companionship Services Near Me 

At Affordable Home Care, we are a home care agency built on building strong and lasting relationships with our patients, caregivers, and family members. Our team has years of experience and specialized training to help with several services for older adults, including preparing meals, mobility, assistance, light housekeeping, reminders, and so much more. If you’d like to learn more about how our services can help you and your loved one, contact us at 215-372-0100.